Robert Wreschniok

TATIN Design Enterprises GmbH

Basel: Kirschgartenstrasse 7, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

+ 41 61 261 60 37 | Mail


Munich: Isarwinkel 6, 81379 Munich, Germany 

+49 172 831 19 17 | Mail

Member of TATIN Associates



+49 89 41 32 773 11| LinkedIn

Head of TATIN Design Enterprises M√ľnchen

Robert Wreschniok strongly believes that design is of central importance for the future and economic success of companies – even more so in the age of digital transformation.


As CEO of the TATIN Institute for Strategy Activation and head of TATIN Design Enterprises Munich, he oversees Design Enterprises’ German-market accounts. As strategic thinker and pragmatic implementer, he is involved in client projects from clarifying the right design strategy to market positioning, to strategy activation and change management.


Robert Wreschniok has over 18 years of experience developing innovative, integrated communications for national and international clients. During this time, he has stewarded brands such as Allianz, Condé Nast, E.ON, Philips, Red Bull, Siemens, UniCredit, and Vodafone. As managing director of the TATIN Institute for Strategy Activation and co-founder of the Future of Leadership Initiative, he specializes in the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation.


Expertise: Design Strategy, Brand Positioning, Strategy Activation, Change Management, Visualization of Strategic Content and Communications, Strategy into Execution

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