Oliver Mayer

TATIN Design Enterprises GmbH

Basel: Kirschgartenstrasse 7, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

+ 41 61 261 60 37 | Mail


Munich: Isarwinkel 6, 81379 Munich, Germany 

+49 172 831 19 17 | Mail

Member of TATIN Associates



Member, Design Strategy Board

Oliver Mayer founded TATIN Design Studio in 2010 and developed it into TATIN Design Enterprises.


He is creative director for cross-media communications and design projects in Switzerland and around the world. Ever since his design-training days, he has been interested in visualizing complex content and strategies. Design Strategies, Design Systems and Design Experiences are his passion.


Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Oliver Mayer worked for seven years as an art director for a renowned Zurich branding agency. He studied Graphic Design and Visual Communications at universities in Zurich, Lucerne and Basel, followed by various research activities on digital imagery. He is also a visiting lecturer and serves on juries for universities specializing in visual communications and has won a number of competitions and design awards for various projects.

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