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Südostschweiz Medien

Brand System


Südostschweiz Medien

Brand System

The aim was to develop a new strategic direction for the entire media company, which was still known as Südostschweiz Medien at the time. TATIN Communications Management developed from this strategic starting point a structure for brand and naming as well as corresponding brand codes for the media company and media titles. Then, from this structure, TATIN developed a concept for a visual branding system.


The task was to position the media company, which was to be renamed Somedia, and to separate out the media title Südostschweiz and redefine it as a convergent media brand. All touchpoints were to be redesigned accordingly – except the newspaper layout.


In several iterations, we developed a comprehensive visual system reflecting the new strategy of a media house with various media titles and other services.


It is important for the media title Südostschweiz to function effectively as a logo in the daily newspaper’s nameplate. And besides newspaper, the newly convergent media brand also stands for radio, television, and online. This is reflected in the logo’s visual element. As a media company, Somedia must be able to maintain its presence in the market as a publishing house with a wide range of products and services.


Somedia is known today as one of the six major media enterprises in Switzerland. The media title Südostschweiz now has a contemporary look and has been able to maintain its position in the highly competitive Swiss media market.

Design System: Brand System, Moving Brand Design, Web Design, Print Concept, Signage System


Project Partners: Ruedi A. Müller-Beyeler and Heiner Butz, TATIN Communications Management, Zurich

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