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Regimo Immobilien

Design System


Regimo Immobilien

Design System

Regimo Immobilien represents a group of independent, regionally anchored real estate service companies in German- and French-speaking Switzerland. These companies possess, maintain, and develop the expertise for comprehensive and professional property management.


We were entrusted with the task of unifying the heterogeneous real estate management companies under one joint market image. We employed an iterative process to develop a marketing concept that has been gradually implemented and augmented with a marketing manual: rental and sales documents, ad management, and web presence now form a single entity that can be independently managed by the regional companies.


The overall concept now gives Regimo’s group character greater visibility and a significantly stronger group identity.

Design System: Communications Systems, Web Design




Project Partners: Ruedi A. Müller-Beyeler, TATIN Communications Management, Zürich | Walter Kern, copywriter, Zurich | Architron GmbH, visualizations & architecture, Zurich | Luis Arguello, guay | corporate media design, Zurich

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