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Design System



Design System

Rapp is a leading Swiss planning and consulting group, with around 440 engineers, architects, and experts specializing in the sustainable development of living space and the environment. As part of implementing the 2018 strategy, the company management, in partnership with Brandcoach, developed a new, company-spanning supply structure in order to integrate and draw on different competencies for the benefit of its customers. The strategic repositioning led to a comprehensive visual rebranding.


We developed a visual brand identity, including a brand logo, and completely revised the communications and marketing mix – from web presence to business letterhead and office standards to print media, exhibition, and signage concept. Today, proven instruments and guidelines are in place for the efficient and consistent managing of media and channels.


We continue to serve as a competent communications and design partner for the Rapp Group on strategic development tasks or key projects including the annual report and other undertakings.

Design System: Brand System, Web Design, Signage, Business Report


Project Partner: Brandcoach Ramstein, Basel

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