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Condé Nast Verlag

Brand System


Condé Nast Verlag

Brand System

Vogue, AD, The New Yorker – where luxury, fashion, style and culture are the focus, Condé Nast has been a style influencer. For millions of consumers, in every global market, for over 100 years.


This poses a challenging question: how to develop a unified corporate design matching the media company’s stylistic demands while also underscoring the individuality of its strong media brands.


Our concept is as simple as it is effective: the magazine names themselves are showcased as the publisher’s sounding boards and together now form a visual brand system as unique as that of the publisher’s individual brands.


The publisher uses this system successfully today, applying it across various communication levels.

Design Strategy: Brand Strategy, Visual Communications


Project Partner: Robert Wreschniok, Head of TATIN Design Enterprises, Munich

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