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Blancpain Magazine Lettres du Brassus

Editorial Design


Blancpain Magazine Lettres du Brassus

Editorial Design

Blancpain, one of the world’s oldest watch brands, is committed to the continued existence of traditional watchmaking. In the luxury watch sector, its magazine Lettres du Brassus and its online counterpart occupy a unique position. The annual publication presents innovations in watchmaking and also covers topics related to high-end gastronomy and oenology.


The main conceptual challenge in redesigning the magazine, which is published in eight languages, was to highlight the long-standing brand’s ongoing growth and development. The final product is a premium-quality magazine with a unique design, reflecting the perfected craftsmanship of Blancpain.


Published annually worldwide, the highly-acclaimed magazine Lettres du Brassus is available in all Blancpain boutiques and serves as an important image-based medium to connect with Blancpain customers. The magazine is now even part of the Swiss National Library holdings.

Design Experience: Editorial Design, Digital Publishing

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