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Banque Cramer

Design Strategy


Banque Cramer

Design Strategy

A comprehensive rebranding was undertaken for the company under the project direction of our alliance partner Brandcoach. It developed a vision, values, brand and naming strategy with key individuals from the private bank as part of a newly defined growth strategy. From brand names and visual language to the complete marketing and communications mix, TATIN Design Enterprises transformed the entire visual identity into a new corporate design.


For the private bank we created an online presence in five languages, the corporate presentation, the pitch book, templates for office applications, e-banking and periodical publications, as well as guidelines for advertising inserts, signage, and sponsoring.


With its repositioning and new visual identity, Banque Cramer makes evident that it is moving in a new direction. New markets and client segments are to be developed while also taking on a targeted shift in internal culture. An all-embracing focus on clients underscores the comprehensive rebranding.

Design Strategy: Brand Strategy, Vision, Values, Repositioning, Cultural Change

Design System: Brand Design, Web Design, Corporate and Marketing Communications




Project Lead: Brandcoach Ramstein, Basel

Programming: Thomas Martin, Sukoa <Interactive Technologies>, Basel

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