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Bâleo Erlenmatt

Design System


Bâleo Erlenmatt

Design System

A new building complex with a broad range of residential and retail space is being built on Construction Site A in the heart of Erlenmatt, a new residential neighborhood located in Kleinbasel, the part of Basel located on the right side of the Rhine.


We were invited to participate in a competition for developing a target-group-relevant name and distinctive visual identity along with a corresponding marketing mix, paying attention to the neighborhood’s identity.


The name Bâleo Erlenmatt and the visual identity we created around a visual language – which incorporates identifying colors and unique icons – in addition to the marketing tools we recommended using, convinced the client to select us as their communications partner.


We used various icons to highlight relevant locational advantages, thereby visually connecting the USP within an integrated brand system.


The marketing of Bâleo Erlenmatt was successfully launched.

Design System: Brand Design, Web Design




Project Partner: Brandcoach Ramstein, Strategy & Naming

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