Zoë Meyer ICH

TATIN Design Enterprises GmbH

Basel: Kirschgartenstrasse 7, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

+ 41 61 261 60 37 | Mail


Munich: Isarwinkel 6, 81379 Munich, Germany 

+49 172 831 19 17 | Mail

Member of TATIN Associates


ZOË MEYER | Mail |

+41 61 261 60 37 | LinkedIn 

Project Developement

Zoë Meyer is responsible for project development in Basel. Her focus is on analyzing potentials, perspectives and facts critical to the strategic development and success of our company and our projects. With a keen eye both for the bigger picture and for details, she supports TATIN Design Enterprises on both external and internal projects.


Her background is in business management, with many years of experience in international marketing, both as brand manager and project manager. She develops strategies and concepts and advises the company on business matters.


Zoë Meyer has a strong affinity for design and communication and loves her multi-faceted and enriching work work in the team.


Expertise: Project Development and Management, Consulting, Conception, Implementation, Controlling

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